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Decaf Gold (One Time Purchase) Decaf Gold (One Time Purchase)

(Single Purchase)
We believe that decaffeinated coffee drinkers drink coffee for one reason,
TASTE. Decaf drinkers want to experience the wonderful aromas and flavors of a coffee without experiencing the effects of caffeine. The process of decaffeination should in no way detract from the experience of the coffee quality.

This roast is carefully decaffeinated through a washing process which is labor intensive yet results in a coffee that is 99.9% caffeine free and 100% chemical free coffee.

Water Process Decaffeination not only leaves the coffees’ character intact, but it does so without the use of harmful chemicals or the creation of harmful byproducts. Taste the difference!

Our Decaf Gold is a medium roast. with Thick Chocolate, Spices and dried fruit tones. Premium blend from Southeast Asia and Americas. 12 oz Whole Bean

Our Price: $15.95
Dark Roast "COMMONWEALTH" (One Time Purchase) Dark Roast "COMMONWEALTH" (One Time Purchase)

(Single Purchase)
This might be the be all and end all of dark roasts. This micro lot blend between a small farm in Bahia, Brazil and Apanacea, El Salvador has wonderful sweet and powerful Chocolate and spice notes. Based on our store patrons we know this is a wildly popular coffee brew of choice. We are proud to say that support for these two micro lot farms has led to construction of a school in Brazil for local families. The farms have been certified by the rain forest alliance and a commitment to sustainable practices that require sensitivity to the ecosystem supporting the farm.
Net weight 12oz.

Our Price: $15.95
DOKA Medium Roast (One-Time purchase) DOKA Medium Roast (One-Time purchase)

(Single Purchase)
Concentrated red cherry and lemon highlights with cocoa and cinnamon on the finish. Lively and dynamic.

Don Rodrigo Vargas represents the fourth generation from the Vargas family to produce coffee at the Doka Estate and he currently oversees all Doka production. The farm is located at 4,430 – 4,790 feet in altitude and is adjacent to the Poás Volcano in Sabanilla de Alajuela. Poás is the largest volcanic crater in the world. The soil is incredibly fertile here, the landscape is breathtaking and the wildlife is abundant and diverse, particularly the avian communities. While visiting Doka we have witnessed rare sightings of mating pairs of Scarlet Macaws, charms of hummingbirds and vast clusters of Monarch butterflies.

This coffee has won our hearts year after year. Doka has also had the honor of having been recognized at the Sinter Café Cupping Competition as the First Place Winner dating back to 2000.

After repose, coffee is selaed in a Grain-Pro barrier packaging in Costa Rica and then send on its way to our Roaster Partner.
Gallons and Gallons of this served every year and a favorite of our cafe goers. Proud to offer this quality and consistent bean.

Our Price: $15.95
Light Roast "KETIARA" (One time Purchase) Light Roast "KETIARA" (One time Purchase)

(Single Purchase)
Delivered to you from the Gayo Highland mountain region in SUMMATRA . Ketiara is a fantastic tasting and a perfection light roast allowing for the complete flavor profile to emerge in this harvest. Dark Chocolate, Syrup, and Black Cherry notes come through. The seeds are wet hulled during their preparation and are then sun-dried and carefully hand picked before export. The bean retains an exotic Indonesian character. Because of its heavy body this coffee is very versatile and though we enjoy it black, even at our
unique light roast treatment, this coffee is a great choice for those who drink their coffee with milk or cream.

This coffee is a part of an Origin Certified(TM) Program. The Ketiara has been certified at origin by Control Union Certifications B.V. as having been produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. The Farm is run and operated by a Womens Co-Operative.

Our Price: $16.95
Malabar (Espresso) Medium (One-time Purchase) Malabar (Espresso) Medium (One-time Purchase)

(Single Purchase)
Monsooning is a processing method unique to the South-West coast of India in which green coffee is exposed to the high humidity conditions present during the monsoon season. Throughout this process, the coffee undergoes complex changes and new aromas and flavors are unveiled. Malabar Super is making it a Geographical Identification (GI) Certified Product. This Malabar Super requires more attention to its processing than any other coffee in the world.

And this is not just any monsooned coffee from Malabar, this is Aspinwall Monsooned Malabar AA Super Grade prepared especially for us through our work with Josuma Coffee Company. The AA Super grade represents an additional level of sorting that is not subjected to straight AA.

The process begins by selecting AA grade coffee cherry which is spread out on concrete patios and sun dried. The coffee is cured and sorted and stored until the onset of the monsoon season. When the monsoon hits from June through September, the seeds are spread out beneath tile roofed, open walled structures where they are raked at regular intervals. When exposed to the high atmospheric humidity, the seeds absorb the moisture and expand. The seeds are vigilantly raked and turned to prevent mold formation and are bagged in windrows. The spreading and bagging is repeated up to three times until the coffee beans acquire a golden hue. Prior to export the seeds are color sorted through a super high tech Spectrum color analyzer and then they are further hand sorted through a process referred to as “garbeling”. The entire process comprises many months of devoted attention.
A truly Exquisite offering

Our Price: $16.95