Lucky Finn Coffee Co.
Enjoy the Lucky Finn Experience

We are a coastal waterfront cafe in a modest harbor in the heart of the northeast in New England. The harbor and ocean has always been a source of adventure for us and we view our daily coffee experience the same way. There are coffee farms on distant shores that never get a chance to get discovered. Lands where natural processes, elevations, local flora & fauna, and unique soil qualities produce some of the best, richest, flavorful arabica beans you can find. Small roasters and community coffee shops can work with single farms to deliver to local consumers a single farm coffee experience that simply can not be rivaled by the big box stores who need to fill volume by blending from many regions. Many of the farms we purchase from have terrific heritage crossing multi-generations, all women run collaboratives, and support incredibly important local initiatives such as education. Joins us in the adventure of terrific coffee is too short to drink crappy, over roasted, burnt big box coffee. :-)